Dating a ibanez ts808

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The owner told me that it had no internal changes whatsoever, and I didn’t whip out a screwdriver to look of course.

This pedal, despite 30 years of use, was still kicking!

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This is the original unmodded version with input and output buffers intact :o) Note, the layout has been done with 2N5088 or 2N3904 transistors in mind and that matches the orientation shown.

The essence of the Tube Screamer’s appeal—what multitudes of similar designs that it has inspired over the years aim to capture—are the subtly pleasing qualities it induces as it interacts with a tube amp: As you increase the amplitude of an input signal to overload a tube amp’s preamp, it distorts the signal in a way that adds sustain, edge, and harmonic liveliness, while preserving the innate tonal characteristics of the guitar and amp—and without obscuring the player’s dynamics.

For the Tube Screamer, the design goal was to distort the signal symmetrically, not asymmetrically like a vacuum tube does.

Tamura in the late ’70s, the Ibanez Tube Screamer is arguably the most beloved of overdrive pedals.

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It has been a standard for years, quite possibly the most copied and modded circuit known to electric guitar players.

Thankfully the guitar player allowed me to try it out! Honestly, one should never venture to fix something that ain’t broke!

This pedal was pushing out some of the creamiest overdrive I had heard to date.

The lighter green OD-855 Overdrive-II is also in the TS-808 style box and has a circuit which is similar to the 808 - the board part numbers only differ by one digit.

The overdrive and OD-II had a different, much more distorted, fuzzy circuit close to a Big Muff.

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