Dating pathe records

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This is because so many 78s were not recorded at exactly 78rpm: speeds of between 72 and 85 rpm are quite common, with a few higher or lower.

Probably the cheapest option is a second-hand variable-speed Goldring-Lenco unit, one of the 'GL' series. They always benefit from some basic maintenance, which will include a new idler wheel.

The idea behind this guide is to help collectors to get the best results from their precious 78rpm records.

It is not exhaustive, neither is it highly technical.

This book tells the story of the American branch of Pathé-Freres and its unique records and phonographs, plus recording artists, patents, manufacturing processes, and dating guides. In addition, all known Pathé record labels are shown in their original colors.

Scores of recordings are listed in the facsimiles of original release sheets. 50 copies are available, and when these are gone, the book will not be reprinted. Please order from Ron Dethlefson 3605 Christmas Tree Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93306. Money order, purchase order or personal check accepted for payment.

The book contains over 150 pages, plus illustrated end papers.

The earliest Blue Note recordings were issued on 78 rpm shellac or 10″ microgroove, largely the domain of the purist collector, as many of these recording (though not all) went on to be republished in various permutations on 12″ LP.

All images are thumbnails, so clicking on them will display a full-sized image.

The records were in both 10" and 12" sizes and were recorded by Master Sound Systems (MSS), using their "ffidelitone" system and also by Gui de Buire (and probably others).

There were a number of designs and colours and series, usually depending on the type of dance on the record.

Blue Note titles manufactured overseas are covered in separate pages, primarily for Japan and Europe.

Some Blue Notes in top condition are extremely rare, the most collectable worth upwards of £5,000, while others are worth only a few pounds: scarcity always dictates price, not music quality.

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