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But there are thousands of us little mom and pop sites who are just getting by.

If there is a distinction, it is the fact most mom and pop sites have experienced the process of meeting someone through a dating service and getting married.

Are you looking for other active, fit singles who love running? Keen runners often find having a speed dating nagoya who shares their passion for running is the key to a successful long term relationship. Outdoor Duo is a specialist dating site for active singles.

Whether you are into competitions or just run for fitness, we can help you meet other runners.

But one of the reason why so many women signed up is because they’re protected. So creeps and jugheads and assholes are not sending them messages.

I do get my share of emails asking me what it is like owning an online dating site.

Basically, my site is just that: my experience of meeting Liza on the internet, my experience of going to the Philippines to meet her, my experience of petitioning her for marriage to come to USA, our experience of adjusting to life together in the USA, and so on.

See our Invitations pages for forthcoming outdoor activities organised by other Members.

The run itself may not provide much "getting to know you" time, but the cool-down period after your run certainly will.

Whether a short run, a half marathon or fell run, a fitness date is an excellent way to break the ice.

A lot of guys have this perception that I'm a owner of a harem of ladies that I'm trying to get rid of.

They tell me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful ladies. Last year my business reported a loss and I'm sure I will do the same this year. Liza I want to thank you for the help when I email you so many time before. Sorry, I didn't put her real name, but those are her words. Just when I think I had enough I'll get a letter like the one above.

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