Summer glau and thomas dekker dating

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A nascent AI, assisted by droids, continues to edge toward world domination and the ruin of humankind.

The machines know John, now 16, is the future head of the resistance. The hunt is on in a season of powerful revelations, breathless pursuits and bravura effects. ) - Season 2's 6-disc action arsenal is locked, loaded, ready to amaze.

” a 15-year-old John Connor (Thomas Dekker) mutters near the outset of this Fox series, proving that while he might by the future leader of a rebellion against murderous machines, he doesn’t understand much at this age about Hollywood math.

Credibly expanding the “Terminator” franchise into TV, this series faces a considerable challenge — beginning with the usual contortions of time-travel logic — to maintain its initial pace without devolving into silliness, but under director David Nutter and show-runner Josh Friedman, the first two hours roll a slick brand extension off this profitable assembly line.

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Meanwhile, John sneaks out of the house also to meet with Riley to attend a house party in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood where he does not bond well with her circle of wild friends, and continues to have disturbing flashbacks to the time he killed Sarkeasian.Sarah and John are still on the run from the FBI, a new Terminator, and their own sorry social lives—that is, until Cameron (Summer Glau) shows up to bring them from 1999 to 2007 in order to stop Sky Net from being built.The first season deals with Sarah (Lena Headey), John, and friendly machine Cameron on the run from the killer cyborgs.(After toying with excising the scene last summer because of the Virginia Tech shootings, cooler heads prevailed, and it’s back mostly intact.) So the Connors are on the run again, with an FBI agent (Richard T.Jones) in hot pursuit — introducing an extra “The Fugitive” riff — along with the mechanical monster.

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