Tools for consolidating grout in walls

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Typically, after the municipality has completed its due diligence and accepted Predl Systems’ detailed rehabilitation plan, 2 – 3 manholes with a critical need for repair are selected by the municipality for a proof of concept demonstration project.

Predl Systems personnel can take a lead role in the first manhole rehabilitation project with the hands-on assistance of the municipal employees.

The physical exposure condition and curing of the grout are not exactly reproduced, but this test method does subject the grout specimens to absorption conditions similar to those experienced by grout in the wall.

The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard.

In the second manhole rehabilitation project, the municipal staff can take the lead role with field supervision directly from a Predl Systems manhole rehabilitation expert.

During construction, grout is placed within or between absorptive masonry units.

American Society for Testing and Material A global forum for the development of consensus standards.

On a case-by-case basis, peer-to-peer collaboration is available to enhance existing drawings or create new drawings to address the municipalities’ specific requirements.

Standard drawings in the PDF file format are available for downloading on demand.

Excess water must be removed from grout specimens in order to provide compressive strength test results more nearly indicative of the grout strength in the wall.

In this test method, molds are made from masonry units having the same absorption and moisture content characteristics as those being used in the construction.

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