Updating dmi pool data

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The argument, n, is one of the following values: 0 Everybody may access all /proc/[pid] directories.

This is the traditional behavior, and the default if this mount option is not specified.

If the loader in Windows 8 on UEFI system is corrupted, it’s impossible to start the system or a blue screen with the following error appears: All this can imply corruption or even total removal of Windows 8 loader configuration – Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

You won’t be able to recover the BCD loader using bcdedit.

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Sensitive files such as /proc/[pid]/cmdline and /proc/[pid]/status are now protected against other users.

In this article we will learn how to repair Windows 8 bootloader on a computer with UEFI.

The corruption of the Windows 8 bootloader can occur after the installation of the second OS (in Dual Boot configurations), be caused by the erroneous actions while failure recovering and for some other reasons.

This means that /proc/[pid] entries can no longer be used to discover the PIDs on the system.

This doesn't hide the fact that a process with a specific PID value exists (it can be learned by other means, for example, by "kill -0 $PID"), but it hides a process's UID and GID, which could otherwise be learned by employing stat(2) on a /proc/[pid] directory.

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